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Kelvin Fong Treasure at Tampines Seminar 13 May

Can EC be an Investment Asset for you?
Why many people choose EC VS PTE?

Speaker: Mr Kelvin Fong
Executive Director
There is a high tendency for many people to hold on to their properties for a long period of time even though their properties have appreciated to double the amount of what they have purchased. Is this the best option for properties which have appreciated?

Many of you might be skeptical and will question the RISK involved. Yes, if there is no proper guidance and feasible financial plan, the risk will be so much higher. Therefore, it is always good to learn and plan before taking any ACTION.
Is EC just a home? Can it be an investment too?
Should we buy a PTE or EC if I am given a choice?
The concept of Executive condominiums (ECs) was to cater to the aspirations of Singaporeans to own affordable private housing. ECs are governed by the Executive Condominium Housing Scheme Act and they are strata-titled apartments. 

Many buyers would debate if they should buy a Private Condominium or an Executive Condominium if they are given the choice. Do not wait further! Join me in this seminar to learn more about ECs!
Why must you seize the First Mover Advantage when investing in EC?
EC can be an valuable asset to hold, as over time it appreciates in value. One example, would be the EC, Bishan Loft. The median unit price during the launch year was $418 psf. Based on the URA Realis data retrieved, its median resale unit price in 2019, was $1,154 psf, an 176.1% increase since its launch year.
What is the First Mover Advatange and how can you apply to your investment?
So the Question now is:

Why EC is a Privilege for Singaporeans and how you can take advantage?

ECs are well sought-after by buyers and investors. However, like public housing, an EC is subjected to similar restrictions during the initial phase. However, after the 10-year period, the restrictions for ECs no longer apply, it becomes fully privatised and it can be sold to foreigners as well. Thus, increasing its capital gain potential.

Come join this seminar to learn more about how you can take advantage of the privilege Singaporeans get when purchasing an EC!

Find out what is best for you with
PropNex Executive Director,

Kelvin Fong

With his career experience of more than 16 years, he has curated a set of asset progression which has benefited his clients greatly. For current and aspiring Singapore property investors, his role is to help them invest wisely. Not only that, he has consistently minimised many of his clients’ risks by leveraging on the most suitable loans available, while maximising the profit potential of their investments.
Being a property investor, he has never invest based on speculation and emotion buying. Using his experience and hard facts and figures, he determines the RIGHT property to invest.
To put his knowledge into writing, Kelvin also successfully launched the book – Property Wealth, in 2013. A big hit back then – the book coaches investors step-by-step guides on conducting researches before purchasing their properties.
Cited with real life case studies, Kelvin pens down realistic and detail methodology which ensures reader to grow their wealth in a predictable way.

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Kelvin is often featured in the news, publication and podcasts, sharing his valuable insights on the property market.

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