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22 February 2020 | Saturday
SMART Auditorium, PropNex Branch Office
190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #03-512 Singapore 310190
Making Sense of the Numbers

Recent concerns were raised with regards to a supply glut in the private residential property market. However, upon closer inspection, there’s more to meet the eye. Let’s examine the numbers and find out why!
Will there be a supply glut this year? Is it still a buyer’s market? Where is the property market heading? Let’s take a closer look at the demand and supply of the residential market.

The Singapore property scene has demonstrated resilience despite global uncertainties, with investors and upgraders taking advantage of rightly priced developments. As the new launch sales segment has brought a new lease of life for developers as they moved a total of 9,912 in 2019. This is a 12.7% increment (y-o-y). Additionally, the overall unsold units (Excluding ECs), dropped from 34,824 in 2018 to 30,162 units sold in 2019. This reflected a 13.4% (y-o-y) drop.
From the data, more than 50% of the new launch sales in 2019 was contributed by projects that were launched in prior years. This was a result of lower land bid prices undertaken by developers. This allowed developers to adopt attractive prices to attract buyers and investors. A similar trend is expected in 2020, with developments that are already launched in 2019 and earlier taking the lion share. 
What Does This Mean?

Since the introduction of the property cooling measures last year, the Enbloc scene have tapered down. As there were no successful big or medium residential en bloc deals, the impact of the number of units added on from enbloc deals are minimum. With lesser supply of units from enbloc transactions and an annual demand of approximately 10,000 units each year, the current supply can be absorbed the next 3 to 4 years.

Most people are already aware of this fact.

Large crowds thronging to new project launches are the perfect example. Do you want to follow the sheep mentality of thronging to new project launches aimlessly? Or Do you want to be a well-informed and savvy buyer who is aware of the market situation and makes a prudent decision? Learn to be capable of spotting high net worth and potential buys.

What are YOU Missing Out?


With the good buys sold out within weeks and lesser units supplied, the competition is likely to get tougher with the passing of time.

Do your Homework: Understand the TRENDS
But what do these figures mean?

There is no need to worry if you do not understand these figures. What you probably need is an impartial voice to guide you through when you are doing your research. We welcome you to join us for our Consumer Empowerment Seminar!

PropNex Consumer Empowerment Seminar

Happening on 22 February 2020 (Sat), 10am
SMART Auditorium, PropNex Branch Office

190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #03-512 Singapore 310190

CEO of PropNex Realty

Mr. Ismail Gafoor


His passion as an outstanding entrepreneur prompted him to start PropNex and through sheer dynamism, has grown it into a property giant with thousands of salespersons under his stewardship.

He has spoken about property investments to various organisations and numerous events, both locally and abroad. He is currently the keynote speaker at the quarterly Consumer Empowerment Seminars, with close to 1,000 attendees each session, empowering home owners, savvy investors of property market trends for more informed decisions. His views and insights on the property scene are much sought after given his inspirational communication skills, ability to lead, motivate and influence people.

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